Antioxidant Intense Chocolate | 30-Day Supply


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Forget everything you thought you knew about chocolate. This is one sweet treat that has your best interests in mind. Packed with cocoa flavanols, each piece of SmartLife Antioxidant Intense Chocolate contains more inflammation-healing, free-radical fighting antioxidants per gram than nearly any other food on the planet. It’s a smart way to do right by your body – and your taste buds.

You can snack on 125 raspberries, stomach 167 pomegranates, or you can savor one decadent dose of pure dark chocolate.

A flavor to savor. A rich and smooth premium chocolate made with a special combination of cocoa beans to deliver a balance of deep, dark chocolate notes blended with just enough natural fruit flavors and Anti-oxidants for a mouth-watering gourmet treat.

3 Boxes with 10 individually wrapped Antioxidant Intense Chocolates per box.