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Forget everything you thought you knew about chocolate. This is one sweet treat that has your best interests in mind. Along with a power-packed dose of antioxidants, each piece of SmartLife Probiotic Intense Chocolate contains over 1 billion gut-healing good bacteria. It’s a smart way to do right by your body – and your taste buds.

So, you can slurp more yogurt or you can swallow more pills. Or you can savor one decadent dose of pure dark chocolate.

Why probiotic chocolate?

Because you've got a killer stomach. Your stomach's acidic environment and expertise at breaking things down mean a lot of traditional probiotics don't even make it to the intestinal tract where they're needed most. But research shows that the survival rate of probiotics is 3x higher in chocolate than in milk or yogurt. Chocolate also allows the good bacteria to live, in a state of suspended animation, unlike pills, where billions of bacteria may die right there on the shelf.

A flavor to savor. A rich and smooth tasting premium chocolate made with a special combination of cocoa beans to deliver a balance of deep, dark chocolate notes blended with premium probiotics for a very satisfying, and healthy, gourmet treat.

30 Individually wrapped Probiotic Intense Chocolates 10 per box.