SmartLife Chocolate FAQs


What are Probiotics? They are beneficial or “good” bacteria. They are naturally found in your intestinal tract and are key to promoting a healthy immune system and proper balance for your digestive system functions.

I know that probiotics are available. If they are in my body, why do I need to add them to my diet? Our digestive system is under attack from stress, indulgent foods and unhealthy lifestyles. Therefore we need to everyday replenish our number of good bacteria with new bacteria to help maintain balance in our gut.

How many do I need every day to replace the bacteria that dies? It is important that the good bacteria is replaced daily. You need about 1 billion new bacteria every day. That number has to survive the trip through the stomach and then populate the small and large intestines to insure good balance in your digestive system.

Do the probiotics make the chocolate taste bad? Probiotics have no influence on taste, texture or mouth feel of the chocolate.

Do I have to refrigerate the chocolate to preserve the shelf life of the probiotics? Chocolate does not have to be refrigerated and is best when stored between 55 and 70 degree temperature. Most home environments are just fine. The encapsulated good bacteria is in a stable environment in the chocolate and has a long shelf life. At least a minimum of 1 year.

I am counting calories on my daily diet. How many calories ar in the chocolate piece? Our chocolate is one half ounce of premium dark chocolate and has only 70 calories.

I am trying to lead a healthier lifestyle with better diet and some exercise. How will probiotics help me? What are the benefits to my general health? Daily intake of 1 piece of our chocolate with the probiotics will add about 1 billion good bacteria to your intestinal area. This will greatly reduce the risk of coronary heart disease by the de-conjugation of bile and lowering blood cholesterol levels. In addition, probiotics will also combat cancer by detoxifying free radicals and replacing bad bacteria with good bacteria.

What flavors can I expect? A rich and smooth tasting bittersweet chocolate that is made with a special combination of cocoa beans to deliver a balance of deep, dark chocolate notes blended with Probiotics for a very satisfying gourmet treat.


What are Antioxidants? Antioxidants are molecules capable of slowing or preventing the oxidation of other molecules and provide protection against free radicals

What are the best food sources of antioxidants? The best sources are plant-based foods like chocolate and coffee along with other foods that come from plants and beans. Also nuts like walnuts and almonds are good and fruits like blueberries, raisons blackberries and raspberries. Some vegetables like broccoli and spinach also have some antioxidant levels that can help. 

However, the best source of all is dark chocolate with high levels of cacao solids.

How do antioxidants help me stay healthy or combat a disease that I have contracted. Antioxidants stop the damaging, disease-causing chain reaction that free radicals create. Their ability to neutralize the free radicals prevents the damage of cell walls, vessel walls, proteins, fats and even the DNA nucleus of our cells.

Why is chocolate such a good source? Antioxidants occur naturally in chocolate. Chocolate scores highest on the ORAC measurement of all foods for the activity or bioavailability of antioxidants. ORAC test measures the oxygen radical absorbance capacity of foods.

Antioxidant levels can be directly measured for overall polyphenol content or for particular flavanols, such as the catechins and epicatechins. Cocoa is particularly rich in polyphenols and flavanols.

Can I get too much antioxidants in my daily diet? No. The basic problem is how to get enough. The average person needs a daily ORAC score between 3000 – 5000 units or more per day.

What flavors can I expect? A rich and smooth tasting bittersweet chocolate that is made with a special combination of cocoa beans to deliver a balance of deep, dark chocolate notes blended with just enough natural fruit flavors and Anti-oxidents for a mouth-watering gourmet treat.